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T2 Coat for Metal & Concrete


IONYX T2 for Metal & Concrete is a NanoCeramic Quartz-based clear coating designed to protect metal, concrete and masonry surfaces by creating an integral, long-lasting barrier that provides superior resistance to mold, mildew, moss, rust, moisture, corrosion, chlorides & salt spray, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation, galvanic corrosion, animal & bird waste damage, gum, graffiti and ice adhesion. Durable, wear resistant coating avoids common coating failures like peeling or flaking. Ionyx T2 for Metal & Concrete can be applied over tinted or untinted Ionyx Quick Seal & Enhance for a complete concrete protection system.

Metal: 600-800 sq.ft./gallon ($0.36 – $0.48 / sq.ft.)
Concrete: 400-600 sq.ft./gallon ($0.48 – $0.73 / sq.ft.)

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Larger quantities are available. Contact us for details.

Sizes Available / MSRP

1 Quart$96.00
1 Gallon$289.00
5 Gallon$1,445.00

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What Are You Coating?

Concrete, Metal

Coating Type


Surface Type

Painted, Unpainted

Underwater Surface


Graffiti Protection


Adhesive Primer