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Reducing Drag to Make Speedboat Speedier


Gone Again 32 ft. Skater


Ionyx Holdfast Bottom Coat


April 2014


Biloxi, MS


Reduce drag, make hull easier to clean, prevent marine growth, break the speed record for 32 ft. Skater.

Kenny Mungle, owner of the GONE AGAIN racing team, wanted to make his boat, GONE AGAIN, the fastest in its class. He has a long career of racing boats, and is one of the best in the nation. He and his team are masters of optimization. Knowing how to squeeze out just a few miles per hour over your competition can make you a national star faster than a 32 ft. skater in a top speed shootout.

The 2014 GLOC “Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees” was coming up, and the speed record at that time was 178 MPH for 32 ft. Skaters. Kenny had achieved 176 MPH with GONE AGAIN, but just couldn’t quite get any more speed out of her. After contacting Kenny and telling him what we could do, he let us coat the hull and the underwater gear with our marine coating. 10 days later, GONE AGAIN broke the world speed record for its class by registering a screaming 182 MPH. Kenny Mungle became a happy customer.

Though a lot of science may go into the coating, the way it works is actually quite simple. The coating is extremely durable, very resistant to corrosion, and limits marine growth by not allowing it to “stick.” More importantly, it has a hydrophilic quality, or in other words, it makes water stick to it. By creating a permanently wet, smooth surface, water drag is significantly reduced, allowing the coated object to move through the water with less resistance.

The racing boat community is extremely competitive, with rising stars falling as quickly as they climb. After 2 years, Kenny Mungle has cemented his name in this adrenaline fueled community. He remains vigilant for any competitive advantage he can get, but when it comes to hull coatings, we’re still his number one pick.

IONYX Coatings

IONYX has advanced the coatings industry by disrupting the industry. We have created the alternative to coatings that are designed to age. Our solution uses quartz, which is more robust than plastic, as the chemical background. Because of this, our coatings are stronger and will not break down.