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Maintaining Beautiful Hardscape


Land West Design Group


Ionyx Multi Purpose Sealer




Austin, TX


Maintain and protect the clean, natural look of their outdoor stone from organic growth and stains, as well as make cleaning easier.

Soon after commercializing our very first product, we found Land West, a landscaping company located about 5 miles away from our first location. They were and still are very active and good at what they do, and they needed their main office to reflect the quality of their work. In order to do that, they needed a high quality sealer.

A few gallons later and their stone was sealed from anything nature could throw at it, and Texas has thrown some pretty intense weather our way since 2009. Their stone/masonry has only been sealed once.

These pictures were taken in the beginning of July, 2016, 7 years after being sealed! As you can see, the property still has an immaculate appearance. We thought we’d try to peek under the foliage to find some algae, moss, or mildew, but to no avail. The 0 VOC, water-based sealer has done its job by preventing any blemishes from ruining this pristine property’s image.

Our chemistry lab may have a little leeway in its appearance with all the mad scientistry going on, but a landscaping company can’t afford to have their work place look anything less than perfect. We are honored that they chose us to preserve this beautiful property, and glad that our very first product has outperformed even our best expectations.

IONYX Coatings

IONYX has advanced the coatings industry by disrupting the industry. We have created the alternative to coatings that are designed to age. Our solution uses quartz, which is more robust than plastic, as the chemical background. Because of this, our coatings are stronger and will not break down.