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Protecting a Children’s Museum From Children


San Antonio Children’s Do-seum


Ionyx T2


April-November 2014


San Antonio, TX


Preserve the beautiful aesthetics of the museum and protect parts of the building from the large amounts of daily traffic.

In 2008, San Antonio Children Museum determined that it was time for an overhaul. They wanted to make learning something that is not only fun for kids, but to also create a unique experience that connects children, families, and the community. After 3 successful city projects contributing to this goal, their masterpiece, The Do-seum, opened its doors in June of 2015.

If there is one thing that being in the business of entertaining kids teaches, it’s that sometimes things can get a little messy. The Do-seum owners knew they had to protect their giant knowledge-sharing inspired structure from the hundreds of thousands of children that would be racing all through the building. In other words, they needed to preserve their asset.

They didn’t just want to preserve the aesthetics of the building, they wanted to enhance them. They wanted a building that had elements that would attract kids, as well as the parents that would take them there. Importantly, these enhanced aesthetics would have to brave the creative talents for destruction which children are sometimes known for.

Starting with the walls in April and finishing with the floors in November of 2014, our protective coatings were chosen for the job. The children were coming.

The images above were taken in late June of 2016. More than 1 million people have come in and out of The Do-seum since the coatings were applied. The coated concrete floors in front of the entrance still have their mirror like finish, despite all the traffic. The color finish on the stairs (which play musical notes with each step – lots of traffic) has held up perfectly. The sheen of the coating on the outside walls, after two years in the Texas Sun, can still be seen. Despite giving it their best, it seems not even vacationing children can take these coatings down.

IONYX Coatings

IONYX has advanced the coatings industry by disrupting the industry. We have created the alternative to coatings that are designed to age. Our solution uses quartz, which is more robust than plastic, as the chemical background. Because of this, our coatings are stronger and will not break down.