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Holdfast Bottom Coat


IONYX HoldFast Bottom Coat is a 2-part coating system. Part A is HoldFast Bottom Coat. Part B is Catalyst (mixed 1:1).

IONYX HoldFast Bottom Coat reduces or eliminates growth and adhesion of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels from metal and fiberglass hulls by creating an easy-clean, slippery NanoCeramic glass surface – just wipe and rinse off to maintain. HoldFast Bottom Coat contains zero pesticides and zero heavy metals. HoldFast Bottom Coat increases fuel savings while reducing cleaning maintenance costs. The NanoCeramic glass surface facilitates smoother movement through water while also using the water to cleanse marine growth off of the surface during motion. HoldFast Bottom Coat may be used on metal and fiberglass hulls. HoldFast Bottom Coat is not suitable for use on wood hulls.

Coverage: 600-800 sq.ft./gallon ($0.46 – $0.61 / sq.ft.)

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Larger quantities are available. Contact us for details.

Sizes Available / MSRP

1 Quart$120.00
1 Gallon$365.00
5 Gallon$1,825.00

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