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Holdfast Prop Coat


IONYX HoldFast Prop Coat is a thin 2 part (mixed 1:1 with catalyst), clear, and extremely smooth NanoCeramic coating that inhibits the growth of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels from propellers to provide better fuel economy and reduced cleanings. Contains no pesticides or heavy metals.

​Uniquely, IONYX HoldFast Prop Coat solves the cause of cavitation by displacing damage away from the surface. State of the art, high-durability NanoCeramic defense significantly increases running gear and prop effective lifespan. Works on all ferrous and non-ferrous metal underwater running gear, such as propellers, rudders, shafts, struts and trim tabs.

Coverage: 600-800 sq.ft./gallon ($1.28 – $1.70 / sq.ft.)

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Larger quantities are available. Contact us for details.

Sizes Available / MSRP

1 Pint$205.00
1 Quart$340.00
1 Gallon$1,020.00
5 Gallon$5,100.00

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