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Multi Purpose Sealer


IONYX Multipurpose Sealer is a clear, water-based, invisible, breathable sealer designed to protect porous stones, concrete, masonry products, unmodified grout, unglazed tile, stucco, concrete roofing tiles, and much more from the destructive forces of weather and moisture. Ionyx Multipurpose Sealer provides a long lasting, breathable UV resistant surface that is repellent to water, mold, airborne dust, dirt, efflorescence, alkali, and freeze/ thaw conditions. IONYX Multipurpose Sealer can be applied in both exterior and interior applications (not for use on flexible surfaces, such as fabric and textiles).

Coverage: 200-600 sq.ft./gallon ($0.25 – $0.60 / sq.ft.)

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Larger quantities are available. Contact us for details.

Sizes Available / MSRP

1 Quart$50.00
1 Gallon$150.00
5 Gallon$750.00

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What Are You Coating?

Concrete, Masonry

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Surface Type


Underwater Surface


Graffiti Protection


Adhesive Primer