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Paint Strength+


IONYX Paint Strength+ amplifies the performance, resistance and endurance of solvent and some water based paints. Paint Strength+ merges the science of our NanoCeramic competitive advantage into the paint of your choice.

Paint Strength+ improves substrate adhesion to a broad range of materials such as glass, metals, alloys without the need of primers. Paint Strength+ also adds Chemical resistance, Solvent resistance, Abrasion resistance, Weathering resistance, Oxidation/UV resistance. It also provides mild anti-graffiti properties. Paint Strength+ creates high quality performance at a lower cost.

Coverage: Depends on paint

Quick-Look Brochure

Larger quantities are available. Contact us for details.

Sizes Available / MSRP

1 Quart$75.00
1 Gallon$240.00
5 Gallon$1,200.00

Additional information

What Are You Coating?

Concrete, Metal, Wood

Coating Type


Surface Type

Painted, Unpainted

Underwater Surface


Graffiti Protection


Adhesive Primer

No, Yes