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Property Management Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Property Management

The cost of building maintenance is staggering. Countless man hours, tens of thousands of dollars, all towards a job that…

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Municipal Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Municipal / Infrastructure

Managing a city's worth of people is no easy task. Ensuring clean and drinkable water, planning for growth, keeping streets…

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Marine Industry Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Marine Industry

No other industry is as familiar with corrosion, oxidation, and UV damage as the marine industry. Never ending salt water…

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Heavy Industrial Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Heavy Industrial

Industrial environments have some of the most brutal wear environments possible - high heat, acid and base exposure, corrosive gasses,…

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Energy Industry Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Energy Industry

Oil and gas, solar, and wind energy - each present their own challenging wear conditions on the assets relied on…

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Electronics Industry Solutions by IONYX Coatings


When it comes to electronics, even the most minute details need to be managed for everything to function correctly. Nowhere…

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Defense Industry Solutions by IONYX Coatings

Defense / Military

Nothing takes a beating like military assets. No other industry has wear conditions quite like the defense industry. Not only…

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Automotive Industry Solutions by IONYX Coatings


It would be hard to argue that there is a more accepted and adopted technology than automotive vehicles. Cars, trucks,…

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